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Entry #3

Falling down... again?

2011-03-07 14:49:50 by kolpet

It's been a long-long time.... I made things, and I made mistakes. I practised with sounds, I played games for weeks. I was at the PC or near the TV... long-long time. But I never going to forgot some day, like when I made my first flash, when I registered to newgrounds, when I uploaded my first big work....

And back to the title. Falling down... again? Not the best, but its about Meteor falling down! Yes, I am back to work. But! I'm not going to remake it (I haven't got back the flash file), I'm going to make: Meteor falling down 2.

Other things: I am a big fan of Eddsworld. Its sooooooo funny. I like them.

Still reading? Hmmm.....


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